Velodroid GPS Bike Computer 2.7.6

Source:David Baxter

Designed for cycling

A cycling / biking specific GPS tracking app.

Designed for cyclists – Simple to use: all the information you need; only the information you need.

Accurate elevation – Normal phone GPS is only accurate to within 30m. Velodroid is generally accurate to 1m.

Gradient – Want to know how steep that hill was? Whether it’s 5% or 25%, Velodroid has the answer.

PRO ready – No access to Spanish steaks? You can still train smarter with Velodroid’s Intervals feature.

Unobtrusive – Velodroid won’t take over your phone.

Your data – Velodroid lets you export and upload your data to any online service. (even upload to Strava directly from the app)

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Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:38:58
File size:3.59MB

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